Monday August 19, 2019
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4 The Iwi & Sisterhood Care Home Run

4 The Iwi - Taranaki has been invited down to OTAHUTAHI by our friendly Sisters SISTERHOOD CARE to join arms as one in providing for the people of the streets at Latimar Square, Christchurch.

If you are in and around Christchurch or around New Zealand and want to show some love through messages, gifts, food, clothing, beanies, sleeping bags, blankets that will help our beautiful souls who fight the winter cold, day in and day out your more than welcome to contact us.

You can contact us here at 4 THE IWI on 020 41859994 or our sister Tinna at SISTERHOOD CARE on 027 2308366.

4 The Iwi flies to Christchurch on Tuesday September 10th for this awesome and beautiful inter connection gathering. Or even if you would like to cook up something hot and tasty you can do so, even if you would like to volunteer that would be such an appreciation not to us but to our people on the streets.

Any donations/koha of gifts must be recieved and delivered to us no later than 3rd September so we can ship them down to Christchurch Friday 6th September via courier.

We know we are going to be asked for our bank account, so here it is:

NAME: 4 The Iwi Limited
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 02-0648-0068323-02

Please use your name and HOMERUN as reference.

We thank you for your support and the positivity New Zealand shows for our needy people, whom come from all different walks of life without judgement of why are these whanau living like this, there are many problems our homeless face on a day to day occurance, which we should not question.