Sunday March 24, 2019
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Auckland Trail Run Series

1Above has joined forces with Total Sports to see a series of six trail running and/or walking events within an hour of Auckland CBD. No excuses left!

The series is for anyone who likes to keep fit and held accountable over the winter months, regardless of whether you’re tall, short, young, wise, a rabbit or a tortoise - this event screams inclusive!

You can choose to come along to a single event, all six events or any number in between – whatever works for you.

The idea is to get people out in nature and moving.

1Above are the hydration sponsors with stations along your entire journey pumping you with low sugar goodness of Endurance and Recovery, jacked with vitamins, electrolytes and super anti-oxidants with vision of getting your mission accomplished.

You are a force. Don’t doubt yourself.

Get out. Get moving. Get happy.

Each event offers four courses ranging from Short (5 to 8km) to Super Long (20km+) and some in-between, with a competitive and non-competitive walk or run option.

There's always some challenging but achievable terrain to tame while you're out there, and there will always be a cold Speight's and a hot sausage for you when you get to the finish! This series is all about getting you onto the best trails and having a great morning out with like-minded people amongst nature.