Sunday December 16, 2018
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Dna Testing - The Future Of Personalized Health Care (Free)

Have you ever wondered why your friend loses weight faster than you on the exact same diet? Or why you seem more anxiety prone compared to your colleague? Or are you more relaxed than most?

Through DNA testing we can discover our innate genetic strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are.

Understanding your DNA can help you make the right diet and lifestyle choices that will optimize your good genes and minimize the damage caused by your less desirable genes.

In this one hour DNA Nutrition seminar, Elaine Bracefield a Nutritional Biochemist and Genomic wellness expert will cover the key genes that have been proven to have a significant impact on our health.

And show us how we can use the information from DNA testing to create a science based road map to peak health, performance and happiness.

This presentation will change the way you think about genetics and nutrition!