Reality, Truth & Conscious Light

A 90-Minute Introductory Presentation on the Life, Teaching and Living Spiritual Presence of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. FREE of charge.
Avatar Adi Da (1939-2008) offers a Way that radically differs from--and yet perfectly completes, for all time--the world's great spiritual traditions.
At "Reality, Truth and Conscious Light", you will be introduced to Avatar Adi Da's core teaching on the true nature of reality, the illusion of the separate self and the nature of human suffering. You'll have the opportunity to:
â—¦ Experience Avatar Adi Da's transformative Spiritual Presence through His Teaching and Sacred Sightings (or Darshan)
â—¦ Hear stories and testimonials from long-time devotees of Avatar Adi Da
â—¦ Be relaxed and refreshed by a guided meditation based on His Instruction
â—¦ See video of Avatar Adi Da speaking

"The life and teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are of decisive spiritual significance at this critical moment in history."
-- BRYAN DESCHAMP (Senior Advisor, United Nations)